- What We Do -

One of a kind hand painted fashion for the home

Our Manifesto

Our passion is “fashion for the home”. We are innovators in all things
leather. We love discovering the unexpected. Hip hides was born out of a
desire to create paintings that had a more interesting life span other
than a slow death on the wall. We are removing the fear factor that
makes people intimidated by the “perceived value of art” by creating
paintings that can be walked on, sat on, and maybe spill some wine on
while dancing!  Your space should energize, inspire and rejuvenate you
while creating a sanctuary away from the chaos of the world. Lighten and
brighten your world with color. Hanging a painting on a wall has its
limitations. We fell in love with leather as a creative canvas because
of its tactile nature and endless possibilities for application. In a
world of fast fashion and disposable objects, we enjoy creating unique
objects that are expressive and reflect the personalities of our
clients. Your environment should be a collection of what you love and
what brings you joy and inspiration, not what is currently on trend.
Hand crafted items are a rare commodity in this new digital age. We are
leading the rebellion against mass production by creating one of a kind
objects that are hand made in the USA by people and not robots! We could
never make two pieces alike even if we tried. Let us know how we can
help define your space!

*Please note that we love animals, and that all of our leather is a byproduct of the food industry.